10/10/11   (Comments: 0)
You can learn a lot about someone by how they apologize. The same is true of CEOs trying to save face. Case in point: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' recent ... Read more
8/11/11   (Comments: 2)
Have your customers laughed at with you today? Advertisements come at us from every angle—on television, in print, even bordering our favorite websites. As consumers, we are exposed to hundreds of ads per day, many of them direct and... Read more
7/26/11   (Comments: 3)
A recent tweet from... Read more
7/7/11   (Comments: 2)
Part of the marketer's job is to help identify new customers and to keep existing customers engaged. However, many B2B companies are more focused on the forme... Read more
5/13/11   (Comments: 0)
When everything is state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line and everything in between, how do you stand out without giving in to the most excessive marketing hyperbole ever? Welcome to the most informative B2B marketing hyperbole blog post of all time. Well, maybe not. But you get my point: Sometimes... Read more
12/13/10   (Comments: 0)
I've just returned from a Thanksgiving trip to China. It was one of the best vacations of my life—great food, good people, amazing sites—and a truly challenging language. I learned that the Beijing dialect of Chinese has four "tones," which make it possible to say the same combination of characters four totally... Read more
8/10/10   (Comments: 0)
"Don't use that tone with me!" Did your mom ever say that to you? Mine sure did. Usually in response to a snarky comment about doing chores or homework. She wasn't responding to what I said exactly, but how I said it. Keep that same principle in mind when communicating with your audience. Certain tones will resonate with certain audiences. Figuring out which tone to use depends on knowing... Read more
7/27/10   (Comments: 1)
A big part of my job is to consult on, create, evaluate, and distribute content. As such, I spend a lot of time writing about content. Some days, however, it seems as though a disproportionate amount of that time is spent trying to communicate what I think/recommend/need in a clear, emotionally neutral way to... Read more

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