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To-do in 2015: Target, track, & tweet! A @tendocom tip from @tendoks! See more: http://t.co/WPp6QRkkEm http://t.co/Ybg6AXvHkF
2 days 17 hours ago
By the way: one space between sentences—not two.! A #NewYears tip from @WhatSelenaSays: http://t.co/WPp6QRkkEm http://t.co/5DK0L1bA4A
2 days 19 hours ago
Effective #video calls for emotion & logic. But the key is knowing how to strike the right balance. http://t.co/QFglWSiWW6 #videomarketing
3 days 2 hours ago
.@lindatendo says: Make 2015 merry! See more of our #NewYears wishes: http://t.co/WPp6QRkkEm http://t.co/1DmSpnJil7
3 days 16 hours ago