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5/9/14   (Comments: 2)
Despite the fact that event sponsorship and participation is costly and time consuming, marketers continue to invest in this tactic. In fact, 70% of B2B marketers rate live events as effective, one of the most powerful tools in their marketing arsenal... Read more
5/7/14   (Comments: 3)
Broadly speaking, there are two types of marketers—those who have a lot of content and those who don’t. They both share the same problem: Whatever content they do have, they’re not sure what to do with it. Enter the customer journey. Buyers tend to go through four distinct phases before deciding to purchase or... Read more
4/18/14   (Comments: 0)
The marketing mantra "content is king" should be updated to "customer knowledge is king." Customer-obsessed marketing—the notion of knowing your customers and serving them with contextual content—is the key to engaging and motivating your audiences throughout the customer lifecycle. That was a major theme of the recent Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders, "... Read more
web video length
4/23/14   (Comments: 10)
If you’ve ever made a video for the Web, you’ll know that determining an exact length can be tricky. In fact, it’s often a subject of debate. Many people will point to Web audiences’ shrinking attention spans and say it should never exceed 2 minutes. While others will argue that for some topics, 2 minutes barely allows you to scratch the surface. The reality is, neither camp is wrong. When it... Read more
3/28/14   (Comments: 3)
I spend a lot of time working with people who want to up their blogging game. These senior leaders and executives recognize the power of blogging to get their message in front of their audience, and they want to make sure they’re communicating clearly and effectively. When we start working together I’ll often hear some variation of, “I want to be seen as a thought leader.” Great—that’s a good... Read more
3/20/14   (Comments: 1)
If you’re like me, you usually delete promotional emails without reading beyond the subject line. The exception to that are emails promoting webinars. If I receive an email for a webinar related to a current challenge I’m facing, I’ll register on the spot. Webinars continue to play an important role in content marketing strategies. Sixty-two percent of marketers polled for a joint Content... Read more
4/10/14   (Comments: 6)
Content creators often don’t start thinking about social engagement until after an article is published. Then, they tweet or post on Facebook and hope they engage with an audience. But true engagement begins with how the content is packaged. From the headline and tease to the call to action (CTA) and comments—and then social channels—the tried and true way to spark a conversation is by taking a... Read more
2/11/14   (Comments: 1)
The use of hashtags has evolved past adding a simple “#” before keywords in your social media message. Event marketers are now taking the time to plan a hashtag strategy before an event, resulting in a much stronger and effective social media campaign. Social media hashtags are used to optimize content and increase engagement across social media channels. When used correctly, a good hashtag can... Read more
2/7/14   (Comments: 9)
If social media is part of your content marketing strategy, great job! But if you aren’t integrating your social media with the rest of your content, it could be doing more to engage your audience and extend your company’s reach. Integrating social media with your content means weaving the two together, such as adding a link from an ongoing community discussion to a blog post or e-newsletter... Read more
2/3/14   (Comments: 0)
There's a common saying about referees in sports: You don't notice the good ones. The only time you usually pay attention to them is when they're screwing up. Referees, like doctors or yes, content marketers, should all follow the same basic principle: Do no harm. The About Us section of many B2B websites often disregards this maxim. Like a whistle-happy ... Read more


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