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3/28/14   (Comments: 3)
I spend a lot of time working with people who want to up their blogging game. These senior leaders and executives recognize the power of blogging to get their message in front of their audience, and they want to make sure they’re communicating clearly and effectively. When we start working together I’ll often hear some variation of, “I want to be seen as a thought leader.” Great—that’s a good... Read more
4/10/14   (Comments: 5)
Content creators often don’t start thinking about social engagement until after an article is published. Then, they tweet or post on Facebook and hope they engage with an audience. But true engagement begins with how the content is packaged. From the headline and tease to the call to action (CTA) and comments—and then social channels—the tried and true way to spark a conversation is by taking a... Read more
2/11/14   (Comments: 1)
The use of hashtags has evolved past adding a simple “#” before keywords in your social media message. Event marketers are now taking the time to plan a hashtag strategy before an event, resulting in a much stronger and effective social media campaign. Social media hashtags are used to optimize content and increase engagement across social media channels. When used correctly, a good hashtag can... Read more
2/7/14   (Comments: 8)
If social media is part of your content marketing strategy, great job! But if you aren’t integrating your social media with the rest of your content, it could be doing more to engage your audience and extend your company’s reach. Integrating social media with your content means weaving the two together, such as adding a link from an ongoing community discussion to a blog post or e-newsletter... Read more
1/29/14   (Comments: 4)
When it comes to integrating social media into a B2B content marketing strategy, metrics and measurement are the key to success. There are several analytics tools that provide insights to help with social media metrics. But do you know what these insights mean in the bigger picture, like how your content strategy and engagement levels compare to others in your industry? This week, we look at a... Read more
10/3/13   (Comments: 2)
Something has happened to your Facebook feed—and your Twitter and LinkedIn streams. Chances are, you're seeing updates from brands that you're not even following. What you're seeing is called native advertising and it's the newest addition to your marketing toolkit.   It's called "native" because the messages appear within a user's social media stream rather than in a separate banner or... Read more
9/3/13   (Comments: 1)
You probably heard and read the buzz around Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards at the end of August. If you were unfamiliar with the term “twerking,” you perhaps plugged the word into Google and clicked on the first search result—the Wikipedia page on twerking. Wikipedia is near the top of search results for... Read more
8/15/13   (Comments: 0)
It can be challenging to satisfy your audience’s voracious appetite for quality content. The key to keeping current audiences engaged as well as generating new leads is to satiate that appetite with enough of the right content. Mix in the growing importance of social media as a B2B lead... Read more
8/1/13   (Comments: 2)
It’s a fact of life for B2B marketers: We work in a virtual world much of the time. Even most live events these days rely on virtual components such as social media. Armed with a solid strategy and an ace team, social media can reap significant benefits in both awareness and engagement for the brand and the event. We recently ran a social media campaign for a client’s annual spring conference in... Read more
7/12/13   (Comments: 0)
Will Instagram video be the new black or will Vine reign as popular social video sharing king? Just weeks after its release and a couple months after Twitter’s release of Vine, Facebook’s 15-second video tool for Instagram already boasts high adoption... Read more


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