3/20/14   (Comments: 1)
If you’re like me, you usually delete promotional emails without reading beyond the subject line. The exception to that are emails promoting webinars. If I receive an email for a webinar related to a current challenge I’m facing, I’ll register on the spot. Webinars continue to play an important role in content marketing strategies. Sixty-two percent of marketers polled for a joint Content... Read more
How to webinar
5/6/13   (Comments: 0)
According to a recent survey, B2B marketers rate webcasts and webinars among their top three most effective tactics for finding new customers and nurturing leads—ahead of blogs, videos, and enewsletters. Although webinars may be a trusted marketing tactic, they mark a hefty time commitment—of your own... Read more
3/18/13   (Comments: 0)
Just about everything I’d heard about South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) turned out to be true: the five-day festival is crowded, overwhelming, exhausting, and inspiring. If you’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t justify the commitment, I say do it. Between the innovation on display and the energizing conversations with fellow attendees, it’s well worth the chaos. The scope of the event is... Read more
Rethink the talking-head video
3/4/13   (Comments: 5)
When you or someone on your team suggests a marketing video, is “talking head” the format that comes to mind? If you’re nodding “yes,” that makes sense. The talking-head video is one of the most common Web formats, plus, it’s what marketers are most familiar with. But by and large, they’re not as effective as they could be. The talking head needs a refresh and I have some ideas for how to do it.... Read more
11/19/12   (Comments: 1)
When it comes to customer acquisition, successful organizations have shifted their thinking from the traditional "sales funnel" to the more apt customer journey. This is a good thing. Leading industry analysts, consultancies, and forums like Forrester, Sirius Decisions, and Marketing Leadership Council have all shared research demonstrating that buying habits are changing and... Read more
responsive design
10/9/12   (Comments: 0)
By now, you probably don't need to be convinced that mobile is the future. Pick any recent study you like: they will all tell you that content consumption on mobile devices is increasing dramatically, that it will overtake content consumption... Read more
6/13/12   (Comments: 0)
"Working with Drupal felt a bit like building a boat by starting with a car and gradually modifying the car until it became a boat." —Juliette Culver, on the CloudEngine Blog That's one of my favorite quotes about one of my favorite content management systems:... Read more
10/3/11   (Comments: 0)
Regardless of what the pundits say about the future of tablet computers, they've already changed the mobile landscape. As reported in this article in The Guardian, analyst firm IDC estimates that by the end of this... Read more
2/6/12   (Comments: 1)
The infographic used to be a supplement to the story—a bar graph in an especially dry Economist article, a pie chart in a corporate white paper. Somewhere in the last couple of years, the once-humble infographic... Read more
9/23/10   (Comments: 0)
I'm the kind of person who likes to think in pictures and navigate via landmarks. I'm terrible at organizing files and folders, like my browser bookmarks. I wish I could visually see my bookmarks. It would help jog my memory as to why I wanted to save that Web page. That's why I was interested in learning about... Read more


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