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3/13/14   (Comments: 1)
As a marketer, getting your message out to the right people is your primary goal, and email marketing is still a highly successful way to reach your target audience. In fact, according to a 2014 McKinsey study ... E-mail remains a... Read more
11/19/13   (Comments: 0)
According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at 33 percent lower cost per lead. So what are these companies doing to distinguish themselves from the information onslaught out there? How are their demand gen programs rising to the top? For starters, they think carefully about the offer content they include with their targeted... Read more
10/24/13   (Comments: 0)
All too often, demand generation marketing events and conferences are heavily attended by vendors that are looking to promote their services. Worse, speakers are often consultants or service providers who are seeking to generate their own leads, rather than provide actionable content and insights that attendees can use to enhance their marketing efforts. As the saying goes, “People want to be... Read more
10/1/13   (Comments: 4)
Any marketer responsible for generating demand knows that the offer is critical in driving response. Yet, at Tendo, we continue to see offers get short shrift when it comes to strategic planning and execution. Demand generation campaigns take a considerable amount of time and money to plan, launch, and measure, and offers need to be well thought out to ensure they meet campaign objectives. The... Read more
9/27/13   (Comments: 0)
It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology company, a financial services company, or even a small clothing store. You’re also a content publisher. Every business needs to produce content—for its website, for its social media channels, for outbound email communications, and more. So what content do you need? How often should you communicate with your customers? And how much information should you... Read more
9/5/13   (Comments: 2)
The most basic approach to persona-driven B2B marketing is to understand your audience and target your content to the exact person/role who’ll write the check for what you’re selling. Simple enough, but as your offering and audience grow in scale and complexity, so does the task of getting the right information to your diverse audience. When that happens, the options look like this: Basic:... Read more
8/12/13   (Comments: 1)
The central tenet of content marketing is pretty well established by now: Stop yelling at me! People don’t want to be pitched—they want to be engaged, entertained. When they seek information, it’s increasingly self-directed and social. As a result, good marketing is becoming more conversational. To be a good conversationalist, you need to focus on your audience. So, conversation step one: To... Read more
7/25/13   (Comments: 0)
Content marketers are in the business of attention economics. The content the audience sees and engages with must be relevant or of interest. But due to the ubiquity of information today, if content is to stand out it has to be both. What makes content interesting can directly or indirectly be attributed to hype. Yet the term “hype” is pejorative. As a noun, its consequences are negative or... Read more
4/24/13   (Comments: 0)
Do you know how to measure your brand’s social media marketing efforts in terms of ROI? At Tendo, we understand the importance of B2B social media, and even more so proving its value. We know social media for the sake of social media doesn’t cut it—you need to demonstrate the value of social media as a lead generation tool. This week we’re discussing Oktopost... Read more
From Mindset to Metrics
4/2/13   (Comments: 1)
The purchase funnel—with multiple stages that track customer progress through a complex purchase process—is a well-established concept for marketers. Yet, too often the purchase funnel does not provide an effective framework to inform the content strategies that are critical to today’s demand generation initiatives. By employing a customer journey framework instead, marketers can better align... Read more


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