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B2B social media webinar
3/1/13   (Comments: 0)
If one thing is clear as we make our way into 2013, social content is not just prevalent in the B2B space, it’s pervasive. And if it’s not yet in your organization, it should be. According to MarketingProfs, while 84 percent of B2B companies are using some form of social media marketing, top organizations generate more than three times their share of leads from social media than do average-... Read more
3/11/11   (Comments: 0)
Last week, I attended the TEDActive conference, an event I call a "brain vacation" because it so thoroughly inspires ideas, provokes thought, facilitates community, and energizes attendees with brilliant, visionary speakers. I could write forever about... Read more
10/18/10   (Comments: 0)
I've been thinking about "ghostblogging" a lot lately,... Read more

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