June 2012

6/29/12   (Comments: 0)
It seems like a week doesn’t go by without Google making a change to one of its algorithms. Lately it’s been like watching a Ping-Pong match—Panda, then Penguin, then Panda again. It’s hard to keep up with what’s been changed and how—or if—it affects your search rankings. The Penguin update... Read more
6/21/12   (Comments: 0)
Jargon ex machina (n.): A quiz wherein you test your knowledge of clever tech and general workplace jargon and just like that, all of your midyear woes are solved! Welcome to another edition of Jargon Watch, Tendo's periodic column featuring objectionable words, phrases, or, as they say, "lingo" we're hearing in person and around the Web. This time around we've upped the Jargon Watch... Read more
6/15/12   (Comments: 0)
From boring your followers and discussing risqué hobbies to including bad links, expressing personal opinions, and bashing the boss, corporate Twitter blunders are all too common—and all too quickly public knowledge. With daily Twitter use on the... Read more
6/15/12   (Comments: 0)
If you were fortunate enough to attend the Content Marketing Strategies conference in Berkeley in May, then you’d know it’s almost impossible to capture all of the great insights shared over those two days. So many presenters, too many great ideas.  Regardless, I have assembled my Top 5 Content Marketing Moments... Read more
6/13/12   (Comments: 0)
"Working with Drupal felt a bit like building a boat by starting with a car and gradually modifying the car until it became a boat." —Juliette Culver, on the CloudEngine Blog That's one of my favorite quotes about one of my favorite content management systems:... Read more

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