January 2012

1/31/12   (Comments: 0)
Increasingly, companies are turning to social media channels like Twitter to address customer service issues. As a real-time customer touch point, social networks provide a great opportunity to keep a current customer loyal or win over prospective customers by responding quickly to their questions and complaints.... Read more
1/30/12   (Comments: 6)
Flipping through the 150 predictions from the more than 75 marketing experts quoted in The Content Marketing Institute's Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2012, one theme... Read more
1/27/12   (Comments: 0)
One of the last social media stories of 2011 told of a company suing the guy who used to run its Twitter presence because he took the account's followers with him when he left the job. The questions that raised... Read more
1/23/12   (Comments: 1)
I came across a useful post on the Content Marketing Institute blog entitled "The 5 Types of Content That Grab Attention." The author, Carl Friesen, lists five content types that he believes are great at... Read more
3/7/12   (Comments: 0)
My colleague Linda Leung recently posted about the idea that “personalized magazines” could become a way to deliver content to your target audience. She mentions Flipboard as an example of compelling mag-format design, and she’s right—Flipboard is simple and elegant, and the format alone motivates me to spend more time... Read more
3/7/12   (Comments: 0)
An interesting look at Facebook fan engagement ran on Business2Community.com recently. A writer took a look at the highly successful fan pages of... Read more
3/6/12   (Comments: 0)
  With the plethora of content that's available these days, content curation is becoming a useful way to help filter the noise so we consume only the content that's useful to us. In recent months, three tablet computer-based content curation tools have been making headlines: Flipboard for the iPad, Zite for the iPad and... Read more
1/9/12   (Comments: 1)
Last week I was reading about Pinterest, an online pinboard site that allows users to create what are essentially online collages to share with fellow Pinterest folks. I read all about the site and... Read more
1/6/12   (Comments: 2)
Like many authors writing about content marketing today, Rebecca Lieb asks her readers to shift their mindset. Content marketing is a strategy, not a tactic, she says in her new book, Content Marketing: Think Like a PublisherHow to Use Content to Market Online... Read more
1/5/12   (Comments: 0)
Every year I go through a spate of cleaning in late December—combing through paperwork and other detritus that's piled up during the year. I like to purge the old before I start adding anything new. While busily working through the year's accumulation a couple weeks ago, it occurred to me that this... Read more
1/4/12   (Comments: 0)
Social media was top of mind in 2011 and that will only increase in 2012. B2C companies like Starbucks have proven that they are not only savvy but also strategic with their social media efforts. B2B... Read more
1/3/12   (Comments: 0)
I wouldn't say I'm particularly gifted at reading people's emotions, but I am easily affected by the emotions of people around me—whether they're sad, happy, excited, or apprehensive—and I'll adjust how I interact with them accordingly. As a business, there is great value in knowing the emotions your... Read more

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