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It’s part of our job to alert our clients to language that won’t resonate with a larger audience, so we always perk up our ears for jargon. Read on for some terms to retire, and a couple that just might be under-used.


You need to understand the journey your customer takes when making a purchasing decision. Only then can you use your content to maximum effect.

web video length

Deciding on the length of your video can be tricky. There are no hard and fast rules. Here are some key factors and best practices.


Just creating content isn’t enough. You need to deliver customer-centric content that's relevant at all stages of the customer journey and beyond. Here are our top 3 takeaways from the recent Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders.


Thought leadership blog posts are focused around the idea of sharing insight, not selling a product or service. Here are five key ingredients that will help you write a great thought leadership blog post.


If you want readers to engage with your content, your first step isn’t to post a story on a social media site. Engagement starts in the very packaging of your story.

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Happy #Tendoversary to @danie_d, who started a year ago this week! Get your own Tendoversary https://t.co/kyosSGbeH4 https://t.co/lUoR13LMus
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Great copy makes all the difference in engaging an audience: 10 tips from @hubspot can help https://t.co/JodftHrWFR https://t.co/MFWiTM75te
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What did #VMware's CEO reveal in his Feb. 10 Goldman Sachs Tech & Internet Conference keynote? Find out: https://t.co/skUm7BW4Ng
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Trust in big biz is down. More people trust peers or someone like me. #influencermarketing @JenPolk1 https://t.co/y8bamHr0kQ
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