2/11/14   (Comments: 1)
The use of hashtags has evolved past adding a simple “#” before keywords in your social media message. Event marketers are now taking the time to plan a hashtag strategy before an event, resulting in a much stronger and effective social media campaign. Social media hashtags are used to optimize content and increase engagement across social media channels. When used correctly, a good hashtag can... Read more
10/3/13   (Comments: 2)
Something has happened to your Facebook feed—and your Twitter and LinkedIn streams. Chances are, you're seeing updates from brands that you're not even following. What you're seeing is called native advertising and it's the newest addition to your marketing toolkit.   It's called "native" because the messages appear within a user's social media stream rather than in a separate banner or... Read more
8/1/13   (Comments: 2)
It’s a fact of life for B2B marketers: We work in a virtual world much of the time. Even most live events these days rely on virtual components such as social media. Armed with a solid strategy and an ace team, social media can reap significant benefits in both awareness and engagement for the brand and the event. We recently ran a social media campaign for a client’s annual spring conference in... Read more
7/12/13   (Comments: 0)
Will Instagram video be the new black or will Vine reign as popular social video sharing king? Just weeks after its release and a couple months after Twitter’s release of Vine, Facebook’s 15-second video tool for Instagram already boasts high adoption... Read more
6/27/13   (Comments: 0)
What do the brands Burger King, Jeep, HMV, Pfizer, NBC News, Fox News, USA Today, Major League Baseball, Gizmodo, AP, and Reuters all have in common? If you guessed that their social media accounts have been compromised in very public, embarrassing ways in the last two years, you’re right. Hijacked Facebook and hacked Twitter accounts are more than just embarrassing, however: they can do real... Read more
4/24/13   (Comments: 0)
Do you know how to measure your brand’s social media marketing efforts in terms of ROI? At Tendo, we understand the importance of B2B social media, and even more so proving its value. We know social media for the sake of social media doesn’t cut it—you need to demonstrate the value of social media as a lead generation tool. This week we’re discussing Oktopost... Read more
TwitSprout social analytics
3/27/13   (Comments: 0)
Do you know how your social brand is growing? Is the content you’re publishing helping or hurting your social media reach and engagement? How does your social presence compare to your competitors’? If you have questions like these, TwitSprout has answers. TwitSprout is an easy-to-interpret Facebook and Twitter analytics tool that provides insight into the... Read more
3/6/13   (Comments: 2)
What’s noteworthy about a socially integrated video app? You’ve probably noticed that videos and photos receive the highest levels of engagement on your brand’s social channels. So it should come as no surprise that Twitter, a predominately text-based micro-blogging platform, has married the video medium with the super-short format. Facebook has Instagram, and now Twitter’s got... Read more
6/15/12   (Comments: 1)
From boring your followers and discussing risqué hobbies to including bad links, expressing personal opinions, and bashing the boss, corporate Twitter blunders are all too common—and all too quickly public knowledge. With daily Twitter use on the... Read more
1/27/12   (Comments: 0)
One of the last social media stories of 2011 told of a company suing the guy who used to run its Twitter presence because he took the account's followers with him when he left the job. The questions that raised... Read more


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