5/8/14   (Comments: 1)
When you work at an agency—and a marketing agency, no less—your exposure to a range of companies and industries puts you in a perfect position to discover words and phrases that have entered the lexicon (or in some cases, re-entered the lexicon). Given Tendo’s roster of technology clients, we get an extra dose of tech slang, making us feel like we’re at the jargon epicenter sometimes. It’s part... Read more
6/21/12   (Comments: 0)
Jargon ex machina (n.): A quiz wherein you test your knowledge of clever tech and general workplace jargon and just like that, all of your midyear woes are solved! Welcome to another edition of Jargon Watch, Tendo's periodic column featuring objectionable words, phrases, or, as they say, "lingo" we're hearing in person and around the Web. This time around we've upped the Jargon Watch... Read more
11/29/11   (Comments: 2)
As 2011 winds down and we prepare to ring in the new, a year-end installment of Jargon Watch is in order. During the past year, we've heard a number of words and phrases from clients and colleagues that have caught our ear—either because they resonated like a chorus of angels, or grated like nails on a... Read more
6/14/11   (Comments: 0)
As 2011 approaches the halfway mark, we thought it would be a good time for Jargon Watch, Tendo's periodic column featuring words and phrases we're hearing from clients, colleagues and friends. The following list includes a few early favorites, along with some words we could do without. 1| Kicking dead... Read more
9/29/10   (Comments: 0)
If there's one thing I've learned as a technology writer, it's never to assume knowledge with readers. That's not to say readers are dumb; it means that you should avoid using technical jargon, even if your audience is technical. Always explain technical terms that are new or have yet to make it into the... Read more
2/1/10   (Comments: 0)
We're pretty optimistic about the opportunity 2010 brings for new jargon words. It's early days yet, but we're seeing—and creating—some good ones. The following list includes our early favorites. 1. Advertubing (noun) ... Read more
9/25/09   (Comments: 0)
With the U.S. unemployment rate at a 26-year high of 9.7 percent, an estimated 14.7 million people are currently out of work. Those are unhappy statistics. Let's hark back to a simpler time, before the economy was lamented as much as the weather, when slackers could hide out in forgotten cubicles and devise ever more ways of dodging work, ducking responsibility, and wasting company time. The... Read more
5/13/09   (Comments: 2)
Jargon is an inescapable part of business culture. And while some words and phrases make us cringe and plug our ears from the buzzword-overload--as we've previously noted-- there are nevertheless times when the right bit of jargon is the perfect cure for a business' communicative efforts. There's no hard-and-fast rule for... Read more
5/12/09   (Comments: 2)
Buzzwords.  Corporate cliches.  Jargon.  It's difficult to resist peppering these little turns-of-the-tongue into your documents, speeches, and everyday life.  And that's fine.  Everyone enjoys a little spice on the main course.  But not all spice is created equally, nor should you add a liberal dash of jargon into everything... Read more

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