11/1/11   (Comments: 1)
They're out there—negative reviews of your company's products or services. Although you might prefer to look the other way, responding to negative reviews can have a positive impact on your company's perception among customers. In a recent Maritz Research and evolve24... Read more
7/7/11   (Comments: 2)
Part of the marketer's job is to help identify new customers and to keep existing customers engaged. However, many B2B companies are more focused on the forme... Read more
5/12/11   (Comments: 1)
When Wired magazine published the article, "The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet," a debate ensued over the future of the open Web and whether it would survive an apps-dominated Internet. As the story explains, more and more consumers are opting for closed... Read more
5/5/11   (Comments: 0)
We all do it. In our efforts to engage with our audience and provide them with quality content, we post what we have, when we have it, to all of our social media outlets without giving a second thought as to timing. You should. Timing your posts and updates to better coincide with a particular platform's peak usage... Read more
2/19/10   (Comments: 1)
You're regularly (read: frequently) monitoring blogs, social networks, and websites for coverage of your industry and mentions of your company's brand. And you've even created a database of influencers for your industry based on this regular trolling. But how well do you know your audience? Probably not... Read more

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