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4/18/14   (Comments: 0)
The marketing mantra "content is king" should be updated to "customer knowledge is king." Customer-obsessed marketing—the notion of knowing your customers and serving them with contextual content—is the key to engaging and motivating your audiences throughout the customer lifecycle. That was a major theme of the recent Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders, "... Read more
3/28/14   (Comments: 3)
I spend a lot of time working with people who want to up their blogging game. These senior leaders and executives recognize the power of blogging to get their message in front of their audience, and they want to make sure they’re communicating clearly and effectively. When we start working together I’ll often hear some variation of, “I want to be seen as a thought leader.” Great—that’s a good... Read more
3/20/14   (Comments: 1)
If you’re like me, you usually delete promotional emails without reading beyond the subject line. The exception to that are emails promoting webinars. If I receive an email for a webinar related to a current challenge I’m facing, I’ll register on the spot. Webinars continue to play an important role in content marketing strategies. Sixty-two percent of marketers polled for a joint Content... Read more
10/25/13   (Comments: 2)
The newest manifestation of Google’s mission to provide answers to any question anytime, anywhere an Internet connection exists has arrived on the fluttering wings of Hummingbird. Like its fuzzy predecessors Panda and Penguin, the cute... Read more
10/24/13   (Comments: 0)
All too often, demand generation marketing events and conferences are heavily attended by vendors that are looking to promote their services. Worse, speakers are often consultants or service providers who are seeking to generate their own leads, rather than provide actionable content and insights that attendees can use to enhance their marketing efforts. As the saying goes, “People want to be... Read more
10/3/13   (Comments: 2)
Something has happened to your Facebook feed—and your Twitter and LinkedIn streams. Chances are, you're seeing updates from brands that you're not even following. What you're seeing is called native advertising and it's the newest addition to your marketing toolkit.   It's called "native" because the messages appear within a user's social media stream rather than in a separate banner or... Read more
9/5/13   (Comments: 2)
The most basic approach to persona-driven B2B marketing is to understand your audience and target your content to the exact person/role who’ll write the check for what you’re selling. Simple enough, but as your offering and audience grow in scale and complexity, so does the task of getting the right information to your diverse audience. When that happens, the options look like this: Basic:... Read more
9/3/13   (Comments: 1)
You probably heard and read the buzz around Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards at the end of August. If you were unfamiliar with the term “twerking,” you perhaps plugged the word into Google and clicked on the first search result—the Wikipedia page on twerking. Wikipedia is near the top of search results for... Read more
8/12/13   (Comments: 1)
The central tenet of content marketing is pretty well established by now: Stop yelling at me! People don’t want to be pitched—they want to be engaged, entertained. When they seek information, it’s increasingly self-directed and social. As a result, good marketing is becoming more conversational. To be a good conversationalist, you need to focus on your audience. So, conversation step one: To... Read more
7/25/13   (Comments: 0)
Content marketers are in the business of attention economics. The content the audience sees and engages with must be relevant or of interest. But due to the ubiquity of information today, if content is to stand out it has to be both. What makes content interesting can directly or indirectly be attributed to hype. Yet the term “hype” is pejorative. As a noun, its consequences are negative or... Read more


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