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9/11/12   (Comments: 0)
So you’ve gotten your company’s Facebook page up and running (and have the “likes” to prove it), you tweet your heart out, connect on LinkedIn, and even dabble in Pinterest. You’re no longer a social media novice, that’s for sure. So what’s next? Continue on the trajectory to social media success by stepping up... Read more
3/6/12   (Comments: 0)
  With the plethora of content that's available these days, content curation is becoming a useful way to help filter the noise so we consume only the content that's useful to us. In recent months, three tablet computer-based content curation tools have been making headlines: Flipboard for the iPad, Zite for the iPad and... Read more
1/5/12   (Comments: 0)
Every year I go through a spate of cleaning in late December—combing through paperwork and other detritus that's piled up during the year. I like to purge the old before I start adding anything new. While busily working through the year's accumulation a couple weeks ago, it occurred to me that this... Read more
8/12/11   (Comments: 2)
Businesses trying to reach a younger/edgier/contemporary audience often use a little shock value—we've been talking around the office... Read more
7/7/11   (Comments: 2)
Part of the marketer's job is to help identify new customers and to keep existing customers engaged. However, many B2B companies are more focused on the forme... Read more
8/10/10   (Comments: 0)
"Don't use that tone with me!" Did your mom ever say that to you? Mine sure did. Usually in response to a snarky comment about doing chores or homework. She wasn't responding to what I said exactly, but how I said it. Keep that same principle in mind when communicating with your audience. Certain tones will resonate with certain audiences. Figuring out which tone to use depends on knowing... Read more
7/26/10   (Comments: 0)
With approximately 500,000 registered customers across its four primary communities—... Read more
5/18/10   (Comments: 0)
Content strategy has come of age. While consumers continue to embrace social media and emerging Web channels and turn away from traditional media, large corporations are being pushed into a more direct relationship with their customers. Along with LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, corporate... Read more
2/19/10   (Comments: 1)
You're regularly (read: frequently) monitoring blogs, social networks, and websites for coverage of your industry and mentions of your company's brand. And you've even created a database of influencers for your industry based on this regular trolling. But how well do you know your audience? Probably not... Read more

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