As marketers employ powerful Web-based sales enablement tools to better align their marketing efforts with sales results, having the right content has never been more critical. 

Technology can deliver your message to prospects and enables you to measure engagement after delivery. But Web marketing tools are useless unless they deliver relevant, compelling, and useful content that addresses the needs of your audience while moving prospective customers through your sales funnel.   

Content plays a pivotal role in capturing leads and nurturing prospects through the buying process. Tendo excels at analyzing the needs of your prospects, defining the questions, and understanding the issues that are important to your audience as they consider a purchase. We then create unique, valuable content that supports prospects’ buying decisions.

Content is also a valuable asset for field sales support. Tendo succeeds in creating content that ensures consistent messaging around new products and the competition, answers specific client objections, and provides marketing support in real time to positively impact sales. 

Tendo’s solutions:

  • Audit, catalog, and publicize relevant sales-related content
  • Map and address content gaps in the sales enablement process
  • Create a sales-based prioritized pipeline for input on new content types desired