Experienced marketers know the benefits of supporting a vibrant social community. Engaging in a direct dialogue with interested audiences and facilitating conversation among peers can:

  • lead to increased brand advocacy
  • deliver value and support
  • build deeper brand loyalty

In addition to the value community members derive from a direct connection with your brand, engaging in a dialogue with customers and enabling community members to connect with each other can deliver a multitude of benefits—from insights that result in targeted marketing messages and intel that helps identify a new product or service to advance warning of problems. 

Although the benefits of maintaining a community are numerous, the management challenges can be daunting. Tendo’s experience in planning, architecting, listening, supporting, and creating socially relevant content for communities gives us a leg up in helping you manage an active community that delivers the successful social outcomes you expect and your audience demands.   

Tendo’s solutions: 

  • Community architecture, social editorial calendaring, and social content development
  • Social measurement and analytics to determine the health of a community
  • Conversation seeding, community monitoring, and response support
  • Developing internal support models and actively supporting internal community participants
  • Blogger training and support