Optimize search results

Search is the leading source of site traffic and, according to the 2012 Digital Influence Index from Harris Research, 89 percent of consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions. And Google’s Panda update in 2011 gives higher priority to high-quality original content in search engine result pages.

Search is critical to delivering more prospects to your website, but having relevant, original content is key to getting found in search rankings. By employing a considered mix of SEO-optimized content types and topics, you get discovered by fulfilling your target customer’s informational needs and becoming a trusted resource. This investment in high-quality content ensures your sales pipeline is filled with qualified prospects.

Tendo specializes in developing content strategies and creating original content that reinforces the value of your brand and products in order to convert prospects to customers and customers to loyalists.

Tendo’s solutions:

  • Discover and map topics of interest to your potential audience segments 
  • Plan and create a specific inbound content strategy with personas, channels, formats, and types 
  • Create, curate, and optimize content efforts with SEO-driven priorities
  • Initiate measurement against objectives to optimize conversions and program goals